Miao Wang    PhD


Guo-Ye Yang (with Shi-Min Hu)
Guo-Wei Yang (with Shi-Min Hu)
Jin-Kun Lin (with Shi-Min Hu)
Yu Fang (with Shi-Min Hu)

Jun-Bang Liang (Now at UNC-CH)

Prof. Shi-Min Hu (Tsinghua U.)
Prof. Ariel Shamir (IDC Herzliya)
Prof. Ralph R. Martin (Cardiff U.)
Dr. Yu-Kun Lai (Cardiff U.)
Dr. Jue Wang (Megvii Research US)
Prof. Song-Hai Zhang (Tsinghua U.)
Dr. Shao-Ping Lu (Vrije U. Brussel)
Dr. Fang-Lue Zhang (Victoria U. of Wellington)
Yuan Liang (Tsinghua U.)
Xi-Jin Zhang (Toutiao AI Lab)

Short Resume

Miao Wang is currently a post-doctoral researcher in Visual Computing at Tsinghua University, Beijing, working with Prof. Shi-Min Hu. He received PhD degree from Tsinghua University in 2016, supervised by Prof. Shi-Min Hu. Before that, he obtained bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Technology from Xidian University in 2011. During 2013-2014, he visited Visual Computing Group of Cardiff University as a joint PhD student, supervised by Prof. Ralph Martin and Dr. Yu-Kun Lai.

Miao's research goals are to bridge the gap between human visual perception and media data, and to help human beings easily create and edit visual data. His research interests are in computer graphics and computer vision, especially in content-aware image/video editing, first-person video manipulation for virtual reality, computational cinematography and deep learning solutions in graphics.


Miao is on the job market for a faculty/research position. [CV]
Dec 15, 2017   
The logo of 2022 Winter Olympics was officially unveiled! Our team in Tsinghua University served as technical consultants for Olympics logo duplicate checking.
Oct 18, 2017   
Gave a talk on hyper-lapse creation in ICVRV 2017.
Sept 18, 2017   
Gave a talk on Multiple-Source Hand-held Video Editing in The 2nd Tsinghua-Cardiff workshop on Visual Computing.
Aug 12, 2017   
Our paper Hyper-lapse from Multiple Spatially-overlapping Videos was accepted to IEEE Transactions on Image Processing.
Apr 23, 2017   
Academic visit to Prof. Ariel Shamir, Efi Arazi School of Computer Science, IDC Herzliya.

Towards Deep Online Video Stabilization
Miao Wang, Guo-Ye Yang, Jin-Kun Lin, Ariel Shamir, Song-Hai Zhang, Shao-Ping Lu and Shi-Min Hu
Technical Report, 2018, to appear.

BiggerSelfie: Selfie Video Expansion with Hand-held Camera
Miao Wang, Ariel Shamir, Guo-Ye Yang, Jin-Kun Lin, Guo-Wei Yang, Shao-Ping Lu and Shi-Min Hu
Submitted to IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 2018.
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Hyper-lapse from Multiple Spatially-overlapping Videos
Miao Wang, Jun-Bang Liang, Song-Hai Zhang, Shao-Ping Lu, Ariel Shamir and Shi-Min Hu
IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, Vol.27, No.4, 2018.
PDF | Demo1 | Demo2 | BibTeX

Multiview Conversion of 2D Cartoon Images
Shao-Ping Lu, Sibo Feng, Beerend Ceulemans, Miao Wang, Rui Zhong and Adrian Munteanu
Communications in Information and Systems, Vol.16, No.4, 2016.

Comfort-driven Disparity Adjustment for Stereoscopic Video
Miao Wang, Xi-Jin Zhang, Jun-Bang Liang, Song-Hai Zhang and Ralph R. Martin
Computational Visual Media, 2016.
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Best Paper Honorable Mention

BiggerPicture: Data-Driven Image Extrapolation Using Graph Matching
Miao Wang, Yu-Kun Lai, Yuan Liang, Ralph R. Martin and Shi-Min Hu
ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH Asia), 33(6), 2014.
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Professional Activities

  • Technical Consultant, Media and Communications Department, Beijing Organizing Committee for the 2022 Olympics and Paralympic Winter Games, June - August, 2017, Beijing, China.
  • Program Committee Member, Vision meets Graphics Workshop, PVIST 2017, November 21, 2017, Wuhan, China.
  • Technical Paper Reviewer, SIGGRAPH 2017.
  • Technical Paper Reviewer, Computational Visual Media, 2012-2017.
  • Technical Paper Reviewer, The 9th International Conference on Image and Graphics (ICIG), 2017.
  • Technical Paper Reviewer, Chinese Conference on Computer Vision (CCCV), 2017.
  • Technical Paper Reviewers of IEEE TVCG, CVMJ, Computer Graphics Forum, The Visual Computer, Journal of Computer Science and Technology.