Miao Wang  (汪 淼)

Research Assistant Professor
State Key Laboratory of Virtual Reality Technology and Systems
Beihang University
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I am an assistant professor with the State Key Laboratory of Virtual Reality Technology and Systems, Beihang University. Prior to this, I was a postdoc researcher in Visual Computing at Tsinghua University, worked with Prof. Shi-Min Hu. I received a PhD degree from Tsinghua University in 2016, supervised by Prof. Shi-Min Hu. During 2013-2014, I visited the Visual Computing Group at Cardiff University as a joint PhD student, supervised by Prof. Ralph Martin and Dr. Yu-Kun Lai. I got a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Technology from Xidian University in 2011. I reviewed technical papers for SIGGRAPH/SIGGRAPH Asia, IEEE VR, Pacific Graphics, CVM conferences, and ACM TOG, IEEE TVCG, Computer Graphics Forum, CVMJ journals.

The goals of my research are to bridge the gap between human visual perception and visual data, and to help human easily create and edit visual media. My research interests are in computer graphics and computer vision, especially in:

  • Video for virtual reality
  • Computational cinematography
  • Intelligent image/video editing
  • Deep learning-based image/video synthesis

Selected publications (see full publication list):

  • Shi-Min Hu, Fang-Lue Zhang, Miao Wang, Ralph Martin and Jue Wang. PatchNet: A Patch-based Image Representation for Interactive Library-driven Image Editing. ACM TOG 2013.
  • Miao Wang, Yu-Kun Lai, Yuan Liang, Ralph Martin and Shi-Min Hu. BiggerPicture: Data-Driven Image Extrapolation Using Graph Matching. ACM TOG 2014.
  • Miao Wang, Ariel Shamir, Guo-Ye Liang, Jin-Kun Lin, Guo-Wei Liang, Shao-Ping Lu and Shi-Min Hu. BiggerSelfie: Selfie Video Expansion with Hand-held Camera. IEEE TIP 2018.
  • Miao Wang, Jun-Bang Liang, Song-Hai Zhang, Shao-Ping Lu, Ariel Shamir and Shi-Min Hu. Hyper-lapse Creation from Multiple Spatially-overlapping Videos. IEEE TIP 2018.
  • Miao Wang, Guo-Ye Yang, Jin-Kun Lin, Song-Hai Zhang, Ariel Shamir, Shao-Ping Lu and Shi-Min Hu. Deep Online Video Stabilization with Multi-Grid Warping Transformation Learning. IEEE TIP 2019.


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Room G-1013, New Main Building, Beihang University, Beijing


Dec. 7th 2018

Our paper StabNet is accepted to IEEE TIP. Code and data available!

Nov. 15th 2018

I have joined the State Key Laboratory of Virtual Reality Technology and Systems, Beihang University, as an assistant professor.

Sept. 4th 2018

Gave a talk in the 3rd Tsinghua-Cardiff workshop on Visual Computing.

June 28th 2018

The DeepStab dataset (7.9GB) for training video stabilization CNNs is available.

June 13th 2018

Our paper BiggerSelfie is accepted to IEEE Transactions on Image Processing.

Dec. 20th 2017

Our team received the Chinese Institute of Electronics Science and Technology Progress Award, 2017.

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